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    Welcome to the Course!

    • How to Use This Course

    • Before we begin...

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    Module 1: Fostering an Inquiry-based, student-centric classroom with SAM Labs

    • What is Inquiry-based instruction?

    • Applying Inquiry-Based Learning with SAM Labs

    • Inquiry-Based Learning: Lesson Deep Dive & Reflection

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    Module 2: Meeting the Needs of All Learners through STEAM Learning

    • STEAM Education Provides Access for All

    • 21st Century Learning with SAM Labs

    • Opportunities for Scaffolding, Differentiation, and Enrichment

    • Accommodations and Accessibility in SAM Studio

    • Spanish Content Google Folders

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    Module 3: Engineering Design Process

    • Prototyping with SAM Labs Super User Mr. Kelly

    • Engineering Design Process Overview

    • EDP Comparison and Prototyping Activity

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    Module 4: Using SAM Labs in your Classroom

    • Introduction

    • Implementation Reflection

    • Elementary General Education

    • Elementary General Education Activities and Resources

    • Elementary Computer Science

    • Elementary Computer Science Activities and Resources

    • Elementary Science/STEM Specialist

    • Elementary Science/STEM Specialist Activities and Resources

    • Gifted and Talented

    • Gifted and Talented Activities and Resources

    • Librarian/Media Specialist/Makerspace

    • Librarian/ Media Specialist/ Makerspace Activities and Resources

    • Middle School Science/STEM

    • MS Science/STEM Activities and Resources

    • Middle School Computer Science

    • Middle School Computer Science Activities and Resources

    • Activity Share out & Conclusion

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    Level 3 Assessment

    • Level 3 Assessment

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    Congrats! Here's what's next...

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Additional material

Access various resources that will aid in planning and development within your units.

  • Role-Specific Resources & Guidance

    Implementation will look different depending on your role. Grade-levels, schedules, and class size all play a part in the decisions you will make for successful integration. We will provide pathways for various roles, along with tips, points, and considerations as you plan out your units.

  • STEAM and Prototype Rubrics

    Whether you are assigning a SAM Labs'-specific project, or challenging students to a cross-curricular inquiry-based task, these rubrics assess students' 21st century skills that are vital to their educational development. Choose just one or the whole pack across any STEAM project.

  • Progress Monitoring Guides

    These templates can be adjusted to help students take a metacognitive approach to monitoring their progress toward set goals, as well as allowing educators the chance to pivot instruction where necessary.

Explore More. Dig Deeper.

See how students can use their knowledge and apply it beyond the lessons you teach. More than just a tool, how can students harness their discoveries to solve and create in the real-world?